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Handle Application in JCS-SX

GBSLalitha Member Posts: 33
edited Jan 2, 2018 1:03AM in Java Cloud Service

Dear Experts,

We have developed and deployed an application to JCS-SX as custom application to fusion HCM. We are facing the following issues in the application.

1. The request processing time in areas of slow network is unpredictable.

2. The integration of data between Fusion cloud and JCS-SX Database through webservices is to be handled for huge amounts of data. We have tried method of Quartz Scheduler to run background task. But is this feasible solution for an application with large number of users with huge data manipulations, and running a Quartz object in JCS-SX continously?? Please advise.

3. There are frequent server time outs in the application. Is the server capability limited for the size of application??

4. There are requirements like Excel downloading also, hence using Apache POI jars , adding load to the application. Is this the correct method??

5. We are running about 2-3 similar apps in JCS-SX. Can JCS-SX performance buffer due to the methods we adopted.

We have also, thought of making SQL jobs using APEX scheduler , but unaware of how the performance may vary?? Is the DBCS is ready to handle the jobs and huge data. Also, can DBCS rest services are feasible??

The customer is ready to move to On-premise Server as the cloud application in JCS-SX  is facing issues. Is this the correct option to move from JCS-SX to local server??

Please advise me , as there are many ways of doing , the best suitable method for better performance of application is difficult to identify. Please suggest methods for the better delivery of application.

Please help me.

Thanks & Regards,


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