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Integrating OIM and OAM

AkashGupta Member Posts: 20
edited Jan 8, 2018 7:48AM in Identity Manager


I am using Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager version and Oracle Unified Directory as the directory store.

LDAP connector is used for provisioning the data to OUD.

When configuring OIM, the ldap sync wasn't enabled since we planned to use a connector instead of the ldap sync.

Please let me know if for integrating OIM and OAM is it mandatory to have the ldap sync enabled??

Any help here would be really appreciated.




  • Sandeep Kumar sk
    Sandeep Kumar sk Member Posts: 496 Silver Badge
    edited Jan 7, 2018 5:21PM

    Refer this Oracle doc which says - "LDAP synchronization is required only if you are using Oracle Identity Manager in database mode, and Oracle Identity Manager is integrated with Access Manager (OAM). If your installation does not require OAM, then LDAP synchronization is not required and you can skip this appendix."

    And see this link for the LDAP sync screenshot as a reference (From this link - "In this screen, you can enable synchronization of Oracle Identity Manager roles, users, and their hierarchy to an LDAP directory if you are planning to integrate Oracle Identity Manager with Oracle Access Management.").

    Note: There are several pre-requisites that need to be completed for LDAP sync. Another link for OIM/OUD ldap sync in

  • Abhishek Singh 'J_IDM'
    Abhishek Singh 'J_IDM' Member Posts: 2,448
    edited Jan 7, 2018 6:10PM

    If you want to use all the features of OIM-OAM Integration ( Like Account lock/unlock , password management etc) , then LDAP Sync is mandatory.

    Else, using some workaround still you can still use OUD connector for provisioning.

    Note: As per oracle its mandatory to use LDAP Sync.

  • AkashGupta
    AkashGupta Member Posts: 20
    edited Jan 7, 2018 10:24PM

    Is this required even when am using LDAP connector for the synchronization ?

  • Sandeep Kumar sk
    Sandeep Kumar sk Member Posts: 496 Silver Badge
    edited Jan 8, 2018 7:48AM

    Using LDAP connector will keep accounts in OIM and LDAP/OUD in sync (you will need to schedule jobs to make sure this happens). It will work, in the sense that users will be able to be authenticated by OAM, however, other features/capabilities may be limited.

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