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Permanently delete instances

melothony Member Posts: 70


We have millions of instances. Many of these are completed and we do not need them again.

Here are our questions.

  1. Is there a negative aspect of permanently deleting these instances?
  2. Will the deletion have positive aspects such as performance improvement?
  3. And where can we do this permanent deletion? Delete with options on Enterprise Manager? Or database? Or any script?

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • AnatoliAtanasov
    AnatoliAtanasov Member Posts: 883 Silver Trophy
    edited Jan 12, 2018 4:17AM


    What you need is the so called database growth management strategy where you need to first plan the strategy based on business requirements (mainly for data retention) and then to implement it by developing purging strategy. More details you can find in the documentation here:

    - and here -

    These are from the latest SOA Suite documentation. If you are running earlier version you can find the relevant documents in Internet.

    To you questions:

    1. The only negative impacts I can think of are:

      - slow downs during manually deleting instances at DB level;

      - defragmenting the database file after deletion.

    2. In terms of positive effects:

    - it should decrease significantly the size of the database which should result in faster DB response times, hence performance

    - it will make the DB more manageable and easier to backup and restore (especially important for the active instances)

    3. About the deletion there are 3 general approaches:

    - starting from 12c SOA Infra runs auto purge jobs delete instances older than 7 (AFAIR) days;

    - the installation comes with purge SQL scripts that you can use to manually delete instances;

    - or you can use Database Partitioning to partition large tables and when purging is needed just to drop the corresponding partitions. This is by far the most effective approach.

    If you have not developed partitioning strategy (documented in the docs) I suggest you to do it especially your BPM has large number of instances on a daily/monthly basis.

    For more info on the purging SQL scripts you can use There are plenty of MOS notes where you can find details.



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