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No sample orchestration available under drop down of Orchestrator studio client 5.1.1 with

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edited Jun 27, 2018 9:51AM in IoT Cloud Service

I have installed IoT orchestrator Studio 5.1.1 in our E1 instance 9.2 App release, with tools release of on windows platform with Oracle 12c DB and weblogic 12c as application server.

While trying to test Orchestration configuration, when I launch Orchestrator client from Orchestrator studio, the drop down option doesn't give any sample orchestration. AIS instance has been provided with the path of xml files in General section. Based on a few reads of Oracle doc ids, i think this path is no longer used with this tools release, instead Orchestration files related components such as cross reference, Orchestrations, whitelists, rules ,service requests gets stored in the database in their respective tables. I have those tables in central objects but they do not contain any records. No records of these UDOs in F9860W.

Using: ; i have tried to import the contents of Orchestration_Samples_1.1.1_26_99. The guide advice to zip the 5 folders into one file and using import files tools of studio, upload to E1. When i select the zip file to import, it reads the content and then displays zero files in it.  I have enabled UDO feature and setup view and action security for all the 5 object types in question.

I have already installed the data pack DP0029201. Don't see conclusive information in debug log of AIS server.  Any assistance will be appreciated in this regards.