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Discoverer Desktop - Save report configuration changes without doing a report selection?

LPNO Member Posts: 128 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 24, 2018 10:25AM in Discoverer

I have a 200+ reports to maintain. Lots of small changes have to been done to tidy things up.

When changes to the report are done like "change order of selection parameters" a selection of the report data is done after confirming these config changes.

A selection goes for 30-120+ seconds. I'm not interested at the selected report data at this point of the time!!

If I cancel the report selection, my changes are not saved!

This drives me crazy. A small change of a few seconds (naming of a parameter, order of the parameter)  results to a 120+ seconds waiting time to save it.

Is there any chance to turn off that ill-behaviour of Discoverer Desktop? I don't need nor want a report selection after each tima a change in the report design has to be done.


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