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LCM the simple forms went where?!

Robert Angel
Robert Angel Member Posts: 4,535 Bronze Crown
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I have been migrating simple forms from one database to another on a test platform by;-

Create form snapshot in LCM

Download form snapshot

Unzip form snapshot

Manually edit all XML files therein to change; -

a. Reference to original DB to new DB

b. Moved new dimensions into page area as a starter for then which will be correct in the majority of cases

c. Removed dimension no longer present in new DB

d. Changed all directory references to newly created form directory which is parallel in all respects to original but has a different root

Zipped result back up

Imported zipped snapshot into LCM

Explored new snapshot confirming directories look as I expected, they do

Clicked to upload, having unticked some content that is obsolete form content

Watch 'Migration Status Report' progress to #90 of #90 and then Completed - with no errors

Now the weird bit....

I go to look for my forms. They are not there. I log out and back in, thinking it might need a refresh. They are not there.

So in a moment of inspiration I look in the file directory they came from, pre-edit.

Yes, you guessed it. There they are...

So I go back to the edited files and try and find an explicit reference to the directory in any of the files. I cannot see it anywhere. Not in; -

Export / Import / Import (different directory level) / Listing / SourceInfo not in any of the individual form files or the directory names themselves.

Thinking I have picked the wrong file up I double check, and yes I had imported the right one and in the right one the directories appear as edited.

So the million dollar question - where is the setting that tells the forms which directory to be created in and can I safely edit this????

Otherwise I guess the workaround is move the original forms first before importing....

Note, I have done what I describe with a large volume of business rules previously and that all worked perfectly.

Sub-title - Dude - where's my form?

PS - please don't point me at a blog answer, I cannot view them currently thanks to local internet setting issues....


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