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How-to use Android smartphone like USB storage?

Iktomy Member Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon

Hi all!

I have Solaris 11.3 x86 and Android smartphone.

When I connect smartphone using USB port I can't see mounted USB strorage device like in Windows. But this device is detected (see table below).

Possible someone have solution for use smartphone like USB storage device?

node name:                      device
Vendor:                         LG Electronics, Inc.
Sub-Vendor:                     Sub-System:                     binding name:                   usb,device
devfs path:                     /[email protected],0/pci1849,[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
bus addr:                       2
compatible name:                (usb1004,633e.318.config1)(usb1004,633e.318)(usb1004,633e.1)(usb1004,633e)(usb,device)
driver name:                    usb_mid
instance:                       4
driver state:                   Attached
pm-components:                  NAME= usb_mid4 Power
fm-ereport-capable:             TRUE
driver-minor:                   0
driver-major:                   2
numaio-root-lgrp:               TRUE
high-speed:                     TRUE
configuration#:                 1
usb-product-name:               LG-M700
usb-vendor-name:                LGE
usb-serialno:                   LGM700fa0bce1
usb-raw-cfg-descriptors:        9
usb-dev-descriptor:             12
usb-release:                    200
usb-num-configs:                2
usb-revision-id:                318
usb-product-id:                 633e
usb-vendor-id:                  1004
compatible:                     usb1004,633e.318.config1
reg:                            2
assigned-address:               4
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