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Messages Stuck in the Flow

We recently had an issue in production environment where some of the outbound messages were missing in a our clustered environment. We have backend SOA interfaces that write transaction messages to JMS B2B_OUT queue and which are further consumed by the B2B. Transactional messages were succesfully queued into B2B_OUT queue and we could confirm it through SOA diagnostic logs.But those were not present in B2B console's report section. We also checked B2B_OUT queue on weblogic console to see if messages were stuck in it. Surprisinlgy, there were no messages pending to be consumed in the queue. Also we checked for error queue too and didnt find any messages within it. Finally we decided to recylce complete JVM box. As soon as the recylce was complete for it, all the missing/stuck messages started flowing out at once (we could see instances for those in B2B reports section). We are not sure where these messages were stuck and why? Not sure how we can avoid/prevent such insatnce in future. Any help or guidance here is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Nathusingh

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