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how to change parameters to 32 Gb Oracle branded emulex hba

Randall B
Randall B Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon

Hi all:

We have this X7-2 with several 32 Gb Oracle branded emulex hbas.

The equipment is using Solaris 11.3  X86 with recent patches and the equipment is using the latest firmware version (01/30/2018).

For this user environment we need to disable auto-negotiate link speed and fix it to 8 Gbps and put the hba FC_AL mode.

All this is supported according hba documentation ( ).

We have two hba for STO and another two hbas for TAPE backups.

In one hba card we have a DAS link from the server port to a SL 150 LTO-6 drive port. At SL-150 we had configured that drive to 8 Gbps and FC_AL.

As far we know, we aren't using COMSTAR;  since fcinfo hba-port -t reports no cards, but on UEFI BIOS the cards are manually setup to 8 Gbps.

But fcinfo hba-port lists all installed cards; and their status.

The issue: seems that no matter which command/software/BIOS setting use the hbas (they will be used only for TAPE bkps) don't change to 8 Gbps and FC_AL.

Inclusive using emulex oem CLI commands/software  ( ) we run without luck.

We have used the other hba card (reserved for TAPE) just to make sure they are fine. Both hbas reports:

./hbacmd SetPhyPortSpeed 10:00:00:10:9b:1c:12:8c 2 8Gb <-(or 8GB or just 8 with and without cable length)

ERROR: <251>: Hardware or firmware does not support command.

So really appreciate if somebody can shed some ligth about if the objective is possible or how to make it!

The others hba cards are working fine connected to a FC Switch.


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