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Error Not authorized. Operation: create while invoking POST REST API call

User_JKWCI Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Hi, I am trying to create a work order in Fusion (Release 12) through a REST service.

Following is the request I am sending through Chrome Advanced REST client:

POST /manufacturingApi/resources/ HTTP/1.1

HOST: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

accept-language: en-US

content-type: application/

content-length: 183

{ "OrganizationId" : "300000001588072",

  "InventoryItemId" : "300000001609300",

  "PlannedStartQuantity" : "10",

  "PlannedStartDate" : "2018-02-15",

  "ExplosionFlag" : "true"}

I receive a error response -

Not authorized. Operation: create

401 Unauthorized 

However using the same authentication (user id) I am able to create the same transaction in SaaS front end.

Any pointer to solve this will be helpful please.