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appToCloud failing due to config-root xml node missing in plan.xml?

eaespinoza0 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

Using appToCloud v17.2.1 to export the contents of a domain running off WebLogic v10.3.6.

I hit a blocker when got the below error:

<FINER> <JCSLifecycleZipHelper> <validateExistingFile> <> <THROW

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Method addApplicationDeploymentPlan on Class oracle.jcs.lifecycle.archive.JCSLifecycleArchive was called with argument planFile set to null

        at oracle.jcs.lifecycle.archive.JCSLifecycleZipHelper.validateExistingFile(

        at oracle.jcs.lifecycle.archive.JCSLifecycleZipHelper.validateExistingFile(

        at oracle.jcs.lifecycle.archive.JCSLifecycleArchive.addApplicationDeploymentPlan(

        at oracle.jcs.lifecycle.discovery.AppToCloudExport.archiveApplications(

        at oracle.jcs.lifecycle.discovery.AppToCloudExport.updateArchive(


        at oracle.jcs.lifecycle.discovery.AppToCloudExport.main(

After some investigation I realized that this error message was being raised due to the node config-root missing from one of the JavaEE applications running in WebLogic.

Is this node in the plan.xml required in order for appToCloud to correctly work?

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