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Alias - outside grid?

Robert Angel
Robert Angel Member Posts: 4,535 Bronze Crown
edited Mar 5, 2018 7:34AM in Hyperion Query and Reporting


PBCS, Financial Reporting Web Studio

I have an Alias applied on my report which generally works fine, but when I use the following in a footer it ignores the alias and just gives me the member name, is there a way around this?

<<MemberAlias("Grid1", "Version")>>

The member in question is picked at runtime via prompts.

Note the edit for the grid is NOT set to the default alias, but this work within the grid, just not for the footer formula as described above.

--Anyone run into this at all, is there any workaround, like a subtle variation on the above syntax that tells it which Alias to use??



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  • Jasmine Pauline
    Jasmine Pauline Member Posts: 421 Silver Trophy
    edited Feb 26, 2018 12:06PM

    If you set the alias table within the grid, does it work fine? Is there a reason why you will not be able to do this?

    I have only one alias table, and the same syntax works fine for me on the footer.



    Robert Angel
  • Robert Angel
    Robert Angel Member Posts: 4,535 Bronze Crown
    edited Feb 27, 2018 5:06AM

    Thanks, not been my experience in a number of reports, but I am now wondering if this is because it is not the default alias, I will experiment based on your feedback that it does work.

    I get the member name, not my alternative alias.

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