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Imported Smart View Table View into Powerpoint with Conditional Formating

Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis Member Posts: 403 Silver Badge

Hi All

I am just playing around with importing analyses/views from the OBIEE catalog into Powerpoint using Smart View and am quite impressed particularly with charts and the flexibility to format them. My only issue is with tables and conditional formatting. I can't figure out how I can bring a table in and have cells with formatting based on negative/postiive values. If I do conditional formatting in OBIEE and import the table it will bring through the inital formatting state but not change on refresh. Powerpoint does not appear to have any options for conditional formatting.

I did manage to update a powerpoint table (shape?) using VBA which would be fiddly and a worst case solution. Anyone got any other ideas?

Edit: another not ideal workaround is importing into Excel, conditional formatting and then importing/linking that to powerpoint.

- Daniel

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