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Exporting to xml, particularly an Oracle Reports XML.

Ben Shumway
Ben Shumway Member Posts: 22 Red Ribbon
edited Mar 14, 2018 7:49AM in Discoverer


I have many many reports and want to export them to .xml so they can be consumed by Oracle Reports. Does anyone here have experience doing this?

I tried the command:

dis51usr.exe /batch /connect <connect string> /opendb <database> /export rdf <sheetname>.xml

However, this created an export file but the export file was empty. Do you know what I might be doing wrong?




  • sbeck-Oracle
    sbeck-Oracle Member Posts: 116 Employee
    edited Mar 14, 2018 7:49AM

    You did not provide a worksheet name to be exported.  Prior to exporting the worksheet, it first must be "run".  This is because workbooks are stored in Binary.  Please be aware some Desktop functions may no longer work.  Oracle's previous statement of direction was toward the Web Editions (Plus and Viewer).  To that end, no enhancements were made to Desktop and it was only updated to not to cause issues in the Plus or Viewer.

    If the functionality is still there and as long as you are not connecting to an E-Business Suite (EBS) EUL, the below command should work for you. 
    dis51usr.exe /CONNECT <user>/<pwd> /opendb <WorkbookName> /sheet <WorksheetName> /EXPORT RDF C:\<FileName>.xls /LOGFILE C:\<LogFileName>.log /BATCH

    Of course substitute your values between the < >s.

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