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Cannot import Portal with the same GUID/name after deleting it

user8865848 Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited Mar 16, 2018 3:38AM in WebCenter Portal

I'm having an issue with importing Portal after deleting an earlier version of the same Portal from WebCenter

The deleted portal is not in the list but it finds it when I'm doing import steps and tries to replace it with the new version (.par file).

Then showing following error:

Unable to import portals as required resources are not available. Portal being replaced on the target either do not exist or are being exported/imported by another user. Refresh the portal list and Try again.

If I try to create a new Portal using the same name, I'm getting following error:

Portal creation completed with errors.

Specified name <portal_name> is already in use by WebCenter Portal. Specify an alternate name for your portal.

Looks like it still hangs on to GUID/name even that it's deleted already. Is there a way to cleanup (inside Portal Browser or in the repository)?

Just import of the new version (.par file) of the same portal worked perfectly before. This issue is delete/import portal issue.


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