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HFM Consolidations Performance Tuning

Mikkis Member Posts: 223 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 24, 2018 5:55AM in Financial Consolidation

Hi All,

I know this topic has been discussed many times before but most of them are either tuning Infrastructure parameters/settings or upgrading to new env. We are in (205, 206 improves performance as per README doc) and planning to tune the application as we currently are seeing 2 hrs for single period. My goal is to bring that time to half. I want to do below but if you have anything special that you want to share, I am happy to listen.

1. Consolidation Settings (Cache, RAM, Threads)

2. Rules (Is there a way what entity/s causing more time?)

3. Zeros (how do we find data/records for entity other than zeros and SQL on DCE tables)

Anything else?



  • USER1211
    USER1211 Member Posts: 3,104
    edited Mar 21, 2018 5:49PM

    You did not provide any particulars about your application.

    How many entities ? How many accounts? How many dimensions?

    How much years of history?

    How often have you archive audit tables etc.

    When did you start experiencing long consolidation times?(Was it after a specific change?)

  • CBarbieri
    CBarbieri Member Posts: 1,011 Gold Trophy
    edited Mar 22, 2018 8:59AM

    There is a lot to cover for this topic. I presented this at KScope 2016, in a session called "Leave No Stone Unturned: Secrets to a Successful HFM Application Review". I'll send the presentation to you if you email me at [email protected]. It covers a variety of infrastructure and application factors. In my experience, HFM application design and rules accounts for most of a system's performance, though in some cases I do see underperforming infrastructure. In other words, most often I don't see much benefit from changing application settings. Instead, usually a few rules can have a huge impact on performance, and those rules are often easy to fix. Data volumes don't have much of an effect on performance - even zeros don't slow things down as much as the community would think. They can greatly bloat the database storage, but that doesn't necessarily mean consolidations will slow down.

    - chris

  • Mikkis
    Mikkis Member Posts: 223 Blue Ribbon
    edited Mar 22, 2018 9:54AM


    Thank you. I will email you

  • SureshM-Oracle
    SureshM-Oracle Member Posts: 407 Employee
    edited Mar 24, 2018 5:55AM

    Recently there was a webcast done for Consolidation Performance topic in HFM version You might want to take a look into that and see if that helps.

    Use the link to get the webcast details:

    Hope this covers some of the topics you have asked for.

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