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AWM- How to make a cube from query ?

2877737 Member Posts: 45


I'm beginner in AWM but I understand what is cube, fact and dimension tabels, measures etc.

My problem is, that I have untipical star schema.

I have one fact table including 18 milions rows and one time dimension table.

Each row in the fact table has name of a task, date when task was running (date (FK) + name is PK), time of start task and time of end task.

I want to build a cube to analyze processes in my system.

The problem is, that one task isn't one process.

Usually one task starts a process and another ends it.


task AAA starts process at 10:22 ( column start_zad in fact table)

task BBB ends process at 12:45 (column stop_zad in fact table)

So I can buid a query to report how long last this proces. I would like to implement it in AWM adding measures , hierarchy.

Thanks for all help.


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