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How to pass dynamic task flow parameters in webcenter portal

user8012501 Member Posts: 153
edited Mar 25, 2018 2:37PM in WebCenter Portal


I am working JDEVELOPER

I have Employee detail page task flow  and page configured with employeeId as input parameter. So from Employee search when user click on the ID i am passing the selected ID as input parameter and going to detail page. Everything works as expected so far. Now in some cases,  i want to read Employee Detail task flow parameter from URL Query parameter as well, as user will get notify with URL which query parameter with ID.

Now in the Webcenter administrator i am trying to configure Employee Detail page task flow parameter as

if(#{param.employeeID} !=null){



else {



even i tried

#{param.employeeID} != null?#{param.employeeID}:#{pageFlowScope.employeeID}

But none of them worked. It's simply throwing error on the console.

Any inputs highly appreciate.


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