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Element documentation not expected

UvaUva Posts: 245

Hi All,

I have a SOA Project and it is working fine. Now I am trying to add comments(In the Description area of the Documentation Tab) for all the BPEL Activities.

In the "Receive" activity, I added few description in "Documentation" tab of the activity. When I compile it is working fine, but when I validate XML at bpel source it is giving me error -

"Error(401,7): Element documentation not expected"

Any suggestions on this please.





  • AnatoliAtanasovAnatoliAtanasov Posts: 876
    edited March 2018

    Hi Uva,

    One reason could be if your process is BPEL 1.1 and not 2.0, though for 1.1 you should not see the Documentation tab.

    Try putting your comments under the Annotations tab that is added as bpelx extension and is not part of the official spec.

    This is what the documentation says about Annotation and Documentation tabs:

    A.2.1.1 Annotations Tab

    The Annotations tab displays on all activities and enables you to provide descriptions in activities in the form of code comments and name and pair value assignments.

    Note that the Annotations tab does not provide a method for changing the order of annotations. As a work around, change the order of annotations in the Source view of the project's BPEL file in Oracle BPEL Designer.

    A.2.1.4 Documentation Tab

    The Documentation tab enables you to embed human documentation in the activities of a BPEL file. These comments only display in the source code of the BPEL file.



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