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Namespaces in response

RakeshKr Member Posts: 401 Silver Badge

I have a weird problem. Same BPEL composite (same code) running in 2 different environments giving 2 slightly different responses.

XML wise both are correct. I am just trying to find out what will cause this?

First environment:

<env:Body>    <IBMICMSchedulerResponse xmlns="">    <ItemID>111</ItemID>    <CompletedActivities/>    <LiveActivities/>    <ResponseStatus>FAIL</ResponseStatus>    </IBMICMSchedulerResponse>    </env:Body>

Second Environment:

<env:Body>    <IBMICMSchedulerResponse xmlns="">    <ItemID xmlns="">111</ItemID>    <CompletedActivities xmlns=""/>    <LiveActivities xmlns=""/>    <ResponseStatus xmlns="">FAIL</ResponseStatus>    </IBMICMSchedulerResponse>    </env:Body>

Notice the namespaces in each element in second xml.

Anyone any idea what environment specific setting can cause this?


  • Ankit kalanoria
    Ankit kalanoria Member Posts: 107
    edited Apr 12, 2018 3:02AM

    Hi Rakesh,

    This is very interesting. I don't have answer but want to explore more on this. May i know if both environment versions are same and which version? and also if you are using transform or assign activity for response XML creation? I will be researching more in the direction if it has anything to do with default parsing method DOM vs SAX while generating XML using assign activity. Something around this direction may be but its total guess as of now.


    Ankit K

  • RakeshKr
    RakeshKr Member Posts: 401 Silver Badge
    edited Apr 12, 2018 11:46AM

    Yes environments are exactly the same 12.2.1. Code same.

    I am using assign activity.

    I know I can use transform activity but curious about the difference.

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