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Adding element to an array in data association simple expression

I have a human activity that sequences into a service activity.  The service activity has the following array as input: body.creditLine[].  In data association I have  a transformation between claimFromDataObject.claim.claimLine[] to body.creditLine[].  However, there are some additional values I need to add to creditLine[] array after I add the claimLine[] data.  I've tried the following:

"1" -----> body.creditLine[body.creditLine.length+1].quantity

However I dont think this works because how when its evaluated.  I think body.creditLine.length is evaluating to 1 even though I map 5 claim lines to credit lines before that.  See images below


and the transofmration from claimLine to creditLine is as follows


Any thoughts on this?  I think if I could get the size of the claimLine on the right hand side maybe that would work?

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