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Can anyone confirm that Flashback Data Archive works in PDBs in 12.2 EE?

Tom Nagle
Tom Nagle Member Posts: 35 Red Ribbon
edited Apr 13, 2018 3:44PM in Multitenant

12.2 EE running on Windows Server 2016

We do not yet have an environment in which to test this, so I am hoping someone in the community can confirm.

We will be moving to 12.2 EE and our goal is to convert a few standalone databases to PDBs. Within those newly created PDBs, we would like replace our custom logging triggers with Flashback Data Archive.

My understand is that prior to 12.2, FDA was not supported in a multi-tenant environment. According to the new features of 12.2 (Section 1.5, here.), it certainly looks like FDA should work in a PDB: "Flashback Data Archive (FDA) is supported for multitenant container databases (CDBs) in this release. Customers can now use Flashback Data Archive in databases that they are consolidating using Oracle Multitenant, providing the benefits of easy history tracking to applications using pluggable databases (PDB) in a multitenant container database."

Has anyone actually done this and seen it work without getting the "ORA-65131: The feature Flashback Data Archive  is not supported in a pluggable database" error?

Thank You!



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