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Solaris 11 Repo Problem

Hi Folks,

I'm building an IPS repo server in an LDOM and all has gone OK until the last step I think where I get the following message;

[email protected]:~# pkgrepo refresh -s /export/s11repo           
             Initiating repository refresh.
pkgrepo: There is not enough memory to complete the requested operation.  At least
4GB of virtual memory was in use by this command before it ran out of memory.
You must add more memory (swap or physical) or allow the system to access more existing memory, or
quit other programs that may be consuming memory, and try the operation again.

Added 32Gb of Physical (Now 64Gb) - No change.

Added 12Gb swap (Now 16Gb) - No change.

Is there a config setting that I should be looking at?