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Input agent files not getting processed, IPM stuck thread on Linux, SOA

user1076147 Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon
edited Apr 23, 2018 9:58AM in WebCenter Portal

Hi! We recently migrated from Windows to RHEL 6.9 running SOA, WLS, IPM and UCM.

We have four Linux VMs to run IPM, 4 VMs for UCM, 4 BPM and 4 SOA servers, each 4 servers in a cluster.

Input Agent files are stored in NFS FS shared across all VMs.

All are running fine except IPM servers have stuck threads with below error if more than one IPM server is up and running in cluster.

As a workaround, we keep only one IPM server up, remaining 3 are down. Our goal is to have all 4 IPM servers up and running and process files in parallel.

Any idea why we run into stuck threads when multiple IPM servers are running in parallel.

We already reported SR to Oracle support, applied couple of patches (Patch 13455536, 21470544 & 26618448) recommented by Oracle support  but no resolution yet.

"[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '7' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" daemon prio=10 tid=0x00007f4bfb7a9800 nid=0x866f in Object.wait() [0x00007f4b80dd2000]

   java.lang.Thread.State: WAITING (on object monitor)

  at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)

  - waiting on <0x00000006e9d9a378> (a weblogic.jms.frontend.FEProducerSendRequest)

  at java.lang.Object.wait(

  at weblogic.messaging.dispatcher.Request.sleepTillNotified(

  at weblogic.messaging.dispatcher.Request.wrappedFiniteStateMachine(

  - locked <0x00000006e9d9a378> (a weblogic.jms.frontend.FEProducerSendRequest)

  at weblogic.messaging.dispatcher.DispatcherImpl.syncRequest(

  at weblogic.messaging.dispatcher.DispatcherImpl.dispatchSyncTran(

  at weblogic.jms.dispatcher.DispatcherAdapter.dispatchSyncTran(

  at weblogic.jms.client.JMSProducer.toFEProducer(

  at weblogic.jms.client.JMSProducer.deliveryInternal(

  at weblogic.jms.client.JMSProducer.sendInternal(

  at weblogic.jms.client.JMSProducer.sendWithListener(

  at weblogic.jms.client.JMSProducer.send(

  at weblogic.jms.client.WLProducerImpl.send(

  at oracle.imaging.inputagent.InputAgentBean.queueJob(

  at oracle.imaging.inputagent.InputAgentBean.checkForWork(

  at oracle.imaging.inputagent.InputAgentBean.timeout(


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