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Metadata Maintenance

Teresa Modesta
Teresa Modesta Member Posts: 313
edited Apr 20, 2018 8:28AM in Planning and Budgeting


users use Fusion Financials and most dimensions in PBCS need to reflect the enterprise hierarchy there.

Currently we export dimensions from PBCS and do an exercise to work out what is new in Financials from their enterprise structure export, and then manually put the missing values, parent, descriptions etc into a PBCS file import format, upload dimension additions to PBCS, validate, if good, load, and then redeploy application.

Is this 'as good as it gets' with PBCS, can anyone tell me a better way of doing this that I might want to look in to?

Pain points; -

Enterprise structure comes out of Oracle in a less than friendly multi-column format with merged cells etc making it less than optimal

The fact that this is all hands on, open it in excel, copy paste type work

Keeping special characters out of PBCS

Keeping two environments in synch

Tight timescale for what can only be done manually

Really there must be a better way??

Tiger ScaffoldsRobert Angel

Best Answer

  • Robert Angel
    Robert Angel Member Posts: 4,535 Bronze Crown
    edited Apr 20, 2018 5:00AM Answer ✓

    I use a local friendly database to load the dimensions to provide what is missing against the actual loads, with the database tables as 'external tables' for Oracle DB.

    The enterprise structure is still a pain, you might want to see if anyone can put together an equivalent for you via BI Publisher, to get the data in a straight member, parent, alias format.

    There is no metadata interface currently Fusion to PBCS.

    Be careful of multiple hierarchies in financials meaning members have more than one parent and determining which should be the share.

    Sorry - that is pretty much where the product is.

    Teresa Modesta


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