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recommended ADF version

Juan S.
Juan S. Member Posts: 98 Bronze Badge
edited May 2018 in Java Cloud Service

Hi community,

We are about to begin a new project which is going to be deployed in a JCS instance. We generally use ADF as our Java framework.

The question is: what ADF version do you think it's the best option to face a new app built from the ground up?

Any comment will be much appreciated.



Juan S.

Best Answer

  • Narendra Modupalli
    Narendra Modupalli Member Posts: 21 Red Ribbon
    edited May 2018 Accepted Answer

    Hi Juan,

    Currently, we are working with Oracle JDeveloper 12c (  and deployed to JCS instances.

    Everything works well in our case.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Narendra M.

    Juan S.Juan S.


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