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How to repair damaged system datafile without backup

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edited May 9, 2018 5:10PM in Multitenant

I just want to ask a general question and listen from gurus's advice and input.

I have one 12cR2 Non-PDB in development environment, when I plugged it itno CDB. I am careless to use wrong PDB name. But Non-PDB xml file contains the right data. Then I found that error. I did:

1. alter pluggable database dbname close immediate;

2. alter pluggable database unplug into '/tmp/12cNonPDB_dbname.xml';

3. drop pluggable database dbname keep datafiles;

Then I logged into Non-PDB to startup and tried to re-generate the plug-in xml file.

At this time, this Non-PDB cannot be started up with system file cannot be verified and damaged. I didn't make any backup for this Non-PDB database and tried many ways to fix the error to re-start this Non-PDB without success.

Under this circumstance, what is your advice to repair this damaged system file and restart the Non-PDB database. Thanks for your input.



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