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integrating OBI to ADF

I want to integrate my adf project (12c) with OBI.
there are multiple tutorials on adf 11g, but I needed 12c tutorials.
there is only one tutorial for 12c called "Integrating Oracle BI Publisher Reports into Oracle ADF Applications". in this tutorial there are two applications described and used (BipClientApplication and BIPublisherApp). but there aren't any link to download those applications, and I can't find them on net. If you have links to download them please upload them.

if you have any more informative tutorials please refer me to them.


  • Christian BergChristian Berg Managing Director Posts: 9,359 Gold Crown
    edited May 2018

    "BI Publisher" is not "OBI" - OBI means Oracle Business Intelligence (Enterprise Edition mostly). OBIEE contains BIP but BIP is also a standalone product.

    So please be precise about what you want to do exactly.


  • 34917483491748 Posts: 29
    edited May 2018

    I couldn't explain simpler than that!

    please see this link . there are introduced 2 applications in the pdf file. I can not download them because there is not any link to them!
    I use jdeveloper

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