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How is Audit Vault and Database Firewall licensed?


I'm trying to understand how Audit Vault and Database Firewall is licensed from a commercial licensing perspective as the official documentation is slightly ambiguous.

In the pricelist, the note 26 mentions:

The Named User Plus minimum for this product is 25 Named User Plus licenses

And the following URL: mentions that:

"The licensing is based on the number of CPUs on the computers where your secured targets are located. The secured target computer can have multiple processors.

In an Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) environment, every node must be licensed.

You can deploy multiple Audit Vault and Database Firewall servers for high availability or network topology purposes without any impact to the license, as long as the number of secured target CPUs remains the same."

However, does the number of cores per processor affect the license quantity for calculating processor licenses? i.e. Would the processor core factor table be applied to the total number of cores?

Also, from the note in the pricelist, is this an "absolute" minimum of 25x NUPs? Or should it be 25x per processor license?


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