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Accessing Database tables via REST services

Shane Lynn
Shane Lynn Member Posts: 22 Blue Ribbon
edited May 28, 2018 6:22PM in Database Cloud Service

I would like to be able to create database tables and views in a DBAAS instance and then have them accessible via REST services so I can build forms using VBCS to access and display the data.

Is this a valid approach as I am after more control of the data than what is allowable through the VBCS Business Objects and I would also like the ability to create some PL/Sql packages that can then be used to validate and update data in the background as a schedule process.

I am assuming that you create the table/view in the database and then use the APEX Console to expose a REST service.  I am unable to access the console as I keep getting TLS security and timeout errors when I click on the "Open Applications Express Console".  I am getting errors also when I try and open the "EM Console" and "DBAAS Monitor Console".  Is there anything I need to do to get these to work?



Evandro Lima-Oracle


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