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Question on request via Assess Service

Dennis van Reijn
Dennis van Reijn Member Posts: 13 Red Ribbon

Hi All,

This is the first time I'm using the Assess web service from OPA with multiple entities. I've a problem in producing a correct request.

I'm using the following entities:
- Global
     - the group
          -the individual

I would like to do a request for attributes in the entity the individual.

My first question: Is it true that I need to create instances for the group and for the individual, in order to do my request? This seemed logical to me.

This is my request:






                 <typ:entity id="the_individual">

                      <typ:attribute id="the_individual_bond_line_is_valid_o" outcome-style="value-only"/>





          <typ:entity id="the_group">

               <typ:instance id="group 1">

                    <typ:entity id="the_individual">

                         <typ:instance id="individual 1">

                           <typ:attribute id="the_individual_bond_line_i">



                           <typ:attribute id="the_individual_review_limit_i">










I think I'm doing something wrong with the entities and the entities ID's. For the ID's I used the name I gave to my entities.

This is the response I'm getting:

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:i18n="" xmlns:typ="">










         <faultstring>Unexpected element in outcome configuration: entity</faultstring>




               <typ:message>Unexpected element in outcome configuration: entity</typ:message>






I'm using the 18A version from OPA at the moment and the generic 12.2.1. version from the web service.

Anyone able to help?

Thank you and kind regards,



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