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Oracle Database Mobile Server 9g

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I am supporting an Oracle product which is developed using "Mobile Development Kit for Web-to-Go" and was developed by someone else. Now while fixing customer bugs i realize if i can debug issue with putting the breakpoints it will be great.

Right now if I need to debug an issue only option is to log comments which is fine most of time times but in case of special cases where there is no steps to reproduce I feel live debugging with the help of breakpoints would be helpful.

After googling a bit I found I need to have a "Mobile Development Kit for Web-to-Go" so I have downloaded one for 11g but it doesn't have files as mentioned in below article:

It seems I need "Mobile Development Kit for Web-to-Go" for 9i so is there anyone who can guide how to setup Mobile Development environment for Web-to-Go and where to find the required toolkit




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