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ORA-65180: duplicate file name encountered- CDB and PDB names are same

User13309594-Oracle Member Posts: 1 Employee
edited Jun 22, 2018 5:47PM in Multitenant

I am using CDB and PDB name same.

SQL> create pluggable database WTST using '/tmp/wtst_noncdb_unplug.xml' COPY



TEMPFILE REUSE;  2    3    4

create pluggable database WTST AS CLONE using '/tmp/wtst_noncdb_unplug.xml' COPY


ERROR at line 1:

ORA-65180: duplicate file name encountered -



  • Unknown
    edited Jun 20, 2018 1:29PM
    I am using CDB and PDB name same. 

    And the exception is telling you: DON'T DO THAT!

    What is it you don't understand about the message you are getting?

    Select a PDB name that conforms to the rules and guidelines explained in the doc…

    pdb_nameSpecify the name of the PDB to be created. The name must satisfy the requirements listed in "Database Object Naming Rules". The first character of a PDB name must be alphanumeric and the remaining characters can be alphanumeric or the underscore character (_). The PDB name must be unique in the CDB, and it must be unique within the scope of all the CDBs whose instances are reached through a specific listener.

    You won't get far with Oracle, especially 12c, if you don't read the docs BEFORE you try using functionality.

    I know people often don't like to hear RTFM but with 12c it is MANDATORY if you want to be successful - the experts refer to the docs almost every day.

  • Franck Pachot
    Franck Pachot Member Posts: 912 Bronze Trophy
    edited Jun 22, 2018 5:46PM

    you can have the same name with PDB and CDB. The restriction is about service name but there's no need to have CDB name the same as db_unique_name.

    I do not recommend that (there are bugs) but that's ok from documentation

  • Franck Pachot
    Franck Pachot Member Posts: 912 Bronze Trophy
    edited Jun 22, 2018 5:47PM

    Do you really want to name the files? You are un ASM, you don't need to manage files names.

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