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Error in deploying CreditRatingService sample

517841 Member Posts: 56
edited Aug 18, 2006 1:35PM in SOA Suite Discusssions

I am trying to deploy the CreditRatingService sample using ant command from the command prompt, i got the following error.

"build.xml:27: Cannot find ${oracle.home}/integration/bpel/utilities/ant-orabpel.xml importd from C:\OracleSOA\bpel\samples\utils\CreditRatingService\build.xml"

Do i have to set up any classpath?

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  • 517841
    517841 Member Posts: 56
    I am able to deploy this servioce finally with two changes, used obant command instead of ant (mentioned in Oracle BPEL Process Manager Quick Start Guide ).
    second change is, modified 'admin.password' in
  • hbuelow
    hbuelow Member Posts: 154
    If you choose your SOA password to be something other than "welcome1" some of the samples will balk. But, you can override the sample properties as you did.

    If you change than you would use 'obant' to pick up that change. I'm not sure how long obant will be around though.

    You can change the file in the sample itself. Then, you can use 'ant' to deploy (and JDev too).

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