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Unexpected Error creating query to datasource in createCubeViews error chronically appearing in FR r

user10778927 Member Posts: 16
edited Jun 25, 2018 4:28PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting


We are currently running FR on version - We have a few reports which utilize a Planning as a datasource. Planning is currently on version - Starting last week, users started reporting that they were seeing an error when they went to pull up two specific reports. The new budget model (planning app) was updated last week for the new fiscal year. The app is functioning fine & most reports function normally with the exception of these two...


The developer re-published the reports in question. After that, the problem ceased. The issue returned for the same reports (at different times) two days later. The developer did the same thing & the issue ceased. It came back a day later. You get the picture... I located Doc ID 1323277.1 on this & provided to the developer.

The developer took the steps recommended in the doc by deleting the grid which had no members, then saved the new grid... The issue returned.

There are no obvious errors in the FR logs from the web server that point to this issue. Any ideas on what to try next?



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