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Using OLite as database testing

Kevin Li-Oracle
Kevin Li-Oracle Member Posts: 10
edited Aug 20, 2006 4:03AM in SOA Suite Discusssions

I have tried to create a connection to OLite database through the latest version of JDev. I could successfully connected to the OLite database and browse the tables and data. So far so good.
When I create a new project using TopLink as the persistent layer, the configuration of the session.xml is correct, but not the data-source.xml file for the Embedded OC4J Server. The Data source class should be java.lite.poljdbc.POLJDBCDriver, instead it is putting the configuration as oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource.
So when I try to run the project, I am getting error message Invalid Oracle URL specifiedError Code: 17067

I have also tried to edit the file by hand, but when I run the project, it just overwritten the wrong class to the configuration file.

Please help.



  • 322036
    322036 Member Posts: 1,626
    in jdeveloper go to tools / embedded oc4j preferences and expand the datasources node on the left .. add yours with the right entry and connection string ..
    that should do it .. if not - it's a bug ..

  • With the "Oracle Lite" wizard and configuration, it does not work. However, when I tried the "Third party JDBC driver" and add the OLite.jar file, that works. It is adding the right configuration and the jdbc driver. So may be there is a bug with the "Oracle Lite" wizard. I have also tried to modify the data source file, adding the correct driver, but when I run the embedded OC4J, my modified parameters are changed back from the previous setting.
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