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OCDoctor and AssetCount.sh error

user551374 Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon


When trying to run AssetCount.sh on the EC host, as root, The following error is seen:

[email protected]:~# /var/opt/sun/xvm/OCDoctor/toolbox/AssetCount.sh all

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
        at assetcounter.AssetCounter.getAllAgents(AssetCounter.java:314)
        at assetcounter.AssetCounter.main(AssetCounter.java:104)
ERROR: Java program exited with error code 1!
[email protected]:~# view /var/opt/sun/xvm/OCDoctor/toolbox/AssetCount.sh
[email protected]:~#

Does anyone know this error and what can be done about it?


  • User12616849-Oracle
    User12616849-Oracle Member Posts: 7
    edited July 2018


    The error seems to be noting a trouble accessing the information via java.    This would typically be related to the Enterprise Controller instance where this command should be run from as the root user account.     You can manually run the script with the -v to add verbosity.      The script also looks to use alternate arguments than the "all" value please see if any of the arguments helps provide more details to help understand why there is a null pointer complaint.

    # /var/opt/sun/xvm/OCDoctor/toolbox/AssetCount.sh -v all

    Output type can be one of: <standard/all/machine/agent>

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