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No Input Rule on Value dimension member <Entity Curr Adjs>

Chandan_DWBI Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon
edited Jul 20, 2018 8:56AM in Financial Consolidation

Hello All,

I have a requirement to NoInput an intersection of combination of a C4 member on <Entity Curr Adjs>. As per Admin Guide we can not create NoInput Rules on Adjustment members of Value Dimension, so I crated code as below:

If pov_value = "<Entity Curr Adjs>" Then

        HS.NoInput "C4#Member_Nip

End If

Now this code is efficient to block the cells to input data via Webforms, Data Grids and Smartview. But when we are loading the Journal file with Value member as <Entity Curr Adjs> and C4 member as "Member_Nip", the journal is getting loaded in the system, but as per codes it should block the journal to load (post). Below are line if .jlf file I am loading:






!JOURNAL=NIP_CHECK_ECA;E;R;P;<Entity Curr Adjs>; ;;;

!DESC=NIP_CHECK_ECA on C4 Member_Nip

Entity1;ACCT1;[ICP None];Y00;[None];Sub;Member_Nip;D;1

Entity1;ACCT2;[ICP None];Y00;[None];Sub;Member_Nip;C;1

Entity1;ACCT3;[ICP None];Y00;[None];Sub;Member_Nip;D;1

Entity1;ACCT4;[ICP None];Y00;[None];Sub;Member_Nip;C;1

Can any of you please help to understand the issue. I have used the same codes in version and



  • Vishnu V Reddy-Oracle
    Vishnu V Reddy-Oracle Member Posts: 52
    edited Jul 20, 2018 1:18AM

    Hi Chandan,

    Per the admin guide: 

    Section : Journal Validation

    When you submit, approve, or post a journal, the system validates the journal. The system checks for these conditions:

    One of it is "The cell cannot be designated as a NoInput cell in rules."

    As the cell defined as NoInput cell, it should not load Journal.
    But Journal load is happening in your case on PS3 version,which is not expected.

    As discussed on SR,

    If you can reproduce the issue on PS4, then issue can be raised with Development.
    If not, there will not be any fix from Development on this on PS3.

    Lets see if there are any other suggestions from the group which may help you.

  • LJae
    LJae Member Posts: 2
    edited Jul 20, 2018 2:57AM

    Hi Chandan,

    NoInput rules are not POV-aware so looking at your code snippet, you need to refer to the value dimension member differently. The rule should be something like this:

    Sub NoInput()

    HS.NoInput "V#<Entity Curr Adjs>.C4#Member_Nip"

    '... other NoInput rules...

    End Sub

  • CBarbieri
    CBarbieri Member Posts: 1,011 Gold Trophy
    edited Jul 20, 2018 8:56AM

    LJAE is correct that there is no context for a POV in Sub NoInput.

    The comment "As per Admin Guide we can not create NoInput Rules on Adjustment members of Value Dimension" is incorrect. We can add NoInput rules for adjustment members, as you see in LJAE's example.

    If you want C4#Member_Nip to be NoInput to forms, grids,. or data loads, but still be useable for journals, you would instead use:

    HS.NoInput "V#<Entity Currency>.C4#Member_Nip"

    Finally, if you want all four adjustment members to be NoInput, you could list them out in an array and cycle through them:

    aAdjustmentMembers = Array("<Entity Curr Adjs>", "<Parent Curr Adjs>", "[Parent Adjs", "[Contribution Adjs]")

    For Each sAdjustmentMember In aAdjustmentMembers

    HS.NoInput "V#" & sAdjustmentMember  & ".C4#Member_Nip"


    This approach is useful if you have many intersections you need to block, and if you use AllowAdjsFromChildren which enables [Parent Adjs] and [Contribution Adjs].

    - Chris

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