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HFM Extended Analytics to Extract Data using Task Flow, very slow in Production

User_AAD34 Member Posts: 43 Red Ribbon
edited Jul 23, 2018 7:26AM in Financial Consolidation


We have HFM in our environment.

We used extended analytics and scheduled one task flow to extract Ownership data into file.

     - In Testing server, the extraction took 30 minutes to complete

     - In Production server, the extraction took almost half day to complete

Both Testing and Production have the same data, same specification, and the same task flow definition.

No consolidation was running in Production when the extraction being executed.

All the other task flows are working fine except for this extract Ownership task flow.

Any one have idea for this behavior and what else to check?

Appreciate the help!




  • SureshM-Oracle
    SureshM-Oracle BangaloreMember Posts: 407 Employee
    edited Jul 23, 2018 7:22AM

    What patch level are you in TEST and PROD environment?

    Are these environments similar in all the aspects i.e Installation/configuration/OS/RAM/DB etc?

    Did you happen to look at the HFM logs to see if anything can be seen when it was taking a longer time during the extraction of Ownership data?

    Was it working fine before and now not working?

    As an action plan, you can try to restart the services on Production Server(if this is first time you are encountering with this issue) and validate the result.

    Check in the DB side as well if anything suspicious can be found.

  • Sh!va
    Sh!va Member Posts: 1,035 Gold Badge
    edited Jul 23, 2018 7:26AM


    + TNSPING from TEST and PROD HFM box to DB and see if there are diff in response time.

    + Check DB threads (Under HFM configuration) setting is came in TEST vs PROD.



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