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Configuring a slowly changing dimension

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edited Jul 27, 2018 4:17PM in Data Integrator

Hello Forum.

Does anybody know why when I configure a mapping with a target table being a SCD2 type, when I go to the "Physical" tab and click on the target table icon in the diagram, the Integration Knowledge Module drop-down in the Properties section lists only the default IKM modules, like IKM Oracle Insert.Global, but not IKM Oracle Slowly Changing Dimension, even though I do have the latter imported into the Knowledge Modules node of the designer tree under the project where the mapping needing it exists?

I am pretty sure I need the "IKM Oracle Slowly Changing Dimension".

I am trying to follow video 

Starting at frame 8:40, he talks about the confirm a bit, but it's based on an older version ODI, so the UI looks a little different.

Thank you



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