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Can arrays be used as OpenDataUnit POV Lists?

Daniel Don Nilsen
Daniel Don Nilsen Member Posts: 1
edited Jul 30, 2018 9:35AM in Financial Consolidation

Hi all,

This is probably related to any HS.function "POV" type of problem, but I'm currently at a specific case with OpenDataUnit. I need to retrieve a dataset for a handful of accounts, and I know that in POV I can provide a system list or a custom member list reference, like "A{SomeParent.[Base]}" or "A{MyCustomList}". However I'm wondering if I can reference an array, something like "A{" & MyArray & "}", or list in plain text, like "A{acc1;acc2;acc3}"?

The reason I wish to do it this way is to be able to quickly prototype and test Rules code without having to update metadata or memberlists, and the decide on the proper place for the list to be maintained once prototyping is done.

Thanks in advance


Daniel Don Nilsen


  • CBarbieri
    CBarbieri Member Posts: 1,011 Gold Trophy
    edited Jul 30, 2018 9:35AM

    I think you can, but I would personally create the list prior to the HS.OpenDataUnit function since I'm not confident HFM can resolve the Array function inside the OpenDataUnit function (but I have not tried this):

    aListOfExpenses = Array("Rent", "Salaries", "Materials")


    - Chris

    Daniel Don Nilsen
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