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SOA Suite and JDEV

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edited Aug 18, 2006 5:59PM in SOA Suite Discusssions
Perhaps I installed in the wrong order, I installed JDEV, then SOA, when attempting to connect to my OracleLITE SOA database, I keep getting a connection failure.

Should I have installed in reverse order? I have copied the OracleLITe drivers into my JDEV dir and made sure they are properly mapped, but I cannot seem to connect.

Thanks in advance for any help you give this n00b.


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    first, your installation order does not matter .. but what is the connect string you are using .. since this version of SOA Suite we install Oracle Light on port 1531 instead of 100., that might be the problem

  • 528712
    528712 Member Posts: 68
    Thanks! That was part one of my problems.

    Here's what I have:

    Type 4 Driver

    Host Name: localhost
    JDBC Port: 1531
    SID: DJLSOA (What I called the instance during installation)

    Driver Class: oracle.lite.poljdbc.POLJDBCDriver
    Library: Oracle8iLite
    Class Path: P:\SOASuite\JDEV\orant\lite\classes\olite40.jar

    I've tried using the fully qualified Instance name for the SID, with no fun results.

    Thanks again for your prompt reply!
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    322036 Member Posts: 1,626
    I guess you should try a full qualified url instead of leaving construction to jdev
    jdbc:[email protected]:1531:orabpel

    hth clemens
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