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help with error "interface not supported without a spatial index"



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    edited Aug 3, 2018 5:06PM

    Hi Sergio,

    I was just about to reply that you have a serious problemw ith your database, because 40.000 rows is a very small dataset. That simple query should have returned instantly, but apparently your project manager found out himself

    Good luck with your study, I still think geoinformation/GIS/Spatial is the coolest stuff to work on (even after 25 years in the field). And I also still think that Oracle has the best and most elegant way of storing and querying spatial data, so Oracle's a good place to start!

    user11202270 wrote:I'm a really happy engineer again (until the next error... hahahaha)

    No, you're just waiting for the next error, because that is when it gets interesting and challenging



    Sergio Palma Hidalgo
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