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Ideas for Validation of Unique Values across two Properties and multiple Hierarchies

MNW Member Posts: 118

Our DRM system provides multiple Financial hierarchies to Hyperion Planning. Planning requires that all member names and aliases (i.e. descriptions) are unique across the entire Planning application - so a member called IT Costs and a member with the alias property value IT Costs could not be supported in Hyperion Planning, even if the two members existed in two separate hierarchies.

I'm working on a real-time validation that would check that all values in two properties are unique but figured I'd check here in case there's an easy solution to this. Has anyone written similar validation code, or have any tips?




  • User_IUC8R
    User_IUC8R Member Posts: 67 Red Ribbon
    edited Aug 13, 2018 2:58PM

    I have the same need and our workaround really isn't that optimal.  I would love to attach a validation like this on a DRG request but have been unsuccessful so far.  If you find a great solution would you mind sharing it too?

  • ScottQ
    ScottQ Member Posts: 149 Blue Ribbon
    edited Aug 14, 2018 12:15PM

    You can use a validation of class VersionUniqueProp to enforce uniqueness of the property value across all nodes in all hierarchies.

  • MNW
    MNW Member Posts: 118
    edited Aug 14, 2018 5:24PM

    That's true, Scott, but the VersionUniqueProp doesn't allow for selecting specific hierarchies to validate unfortunately. And actually, the VersionUnique2Prop would be the go-to validation for Name and Alias uniqueness. (I remember submitting the SR to Oracle to have this one developed while at another client with a much simpler DRM environment). It's definitely the easiest solution if all of your hierarchies should be considered.

    Unfortunately, we have a complex DRM system with several non-Planning hierarchies that would fail this validation. Over the last days I've been developing a custom Javascript validation to accomplish this. It works, but it's not very efficient; when run in batch mode against 900 nodes in a single hierarchy, it completes in approximately 6 minutes. That doesn't count the other 6 hierarchies against which is needs to run. I'm looking into the feasibility of a real-time validation using the same code, but fear that it may ruin performance. Is someone able to verify for me:

    When does a Node-level real-time validation run? Is it only when the node is acted-upon (Moved, Properties Saved, etc.)? Or does it run continuously against all nodes to which it's assigned?

    @3379998, I'll let you know if I find something sleek, sexy, and worth posting. But as it stands right now, the validation code is almost too embarrassing to share. That's the cost of desperation!

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