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what is relation of Jdeveloper Studio and SOA suite ?

legolas_w Member Posts: 547
edited Aug 24, 2006 8:04AM in SOA Suite Discusssions
Thank you for reading my post
I get both preview version os soa suite and studio develoepr ,
Now I want to know what is relation between these two items ?

How i can add SOA suite to Jdeveloper in a way that i could deploy my application directly in SOA suite ?



  • hbuelow
    hbuelow Member Posts: 154

    JDeveloper includes the designer for building BPEL and ESB projects. You don't have to do anything for this - it's already included in the JDev.

    Follow the quick start guide (from the download page) to learn how this works using the demo we've built for you.

  • 521889
    521889 Member Posts: 34
    very correct, JDev is the IDE available for developers to build and deploy ESB and BPEL projects.
    BPEL Designer is available as a plug-in to JDev. The BPEL processes deployed are available as Web Services that can be invoked using the wsdl.

    The documentation available should give the details
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