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what is OLite database which come with SOA suite ?

legolas_w Member Posts: 547
edited Aug 19, 2006 2:15PM in SOA Suite Discusssions
Thank you for reading my post
I saw that there is something named OLite database that installs with SOA suite in Standard mode , can some one explain me what is this product ?



  • 322036
    322036 Member Posts: 1,626
    oLite is the shortcut for Oracle Lite - which is a small database, storing
    a) bpel data, like it's process artifacts, as well as execution data - audittrails,
    b) dt and runtime data from ESB
    c) OWSM configurations

    without this component running, the SOA Suite will not work

    For production use we recommend to install a fledged oracle db - and run the repository creation assistant, which will create the needed db objects

    hth clemens..
  • legolas_w
    legolas_w Member Posts: 547
    is there any product page for Oracle Lite database , is it an standalone product like oracle express ?

  • 322036
    322036 Member Posts: 1,626
    it is a standalone product like oracle xpress, but in anutshell it's a very, very, very shrinked down db..

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