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Query Change Notification-Unresponsive client, EMON timeout to dequeue

I have been experiencing unresponsive clients that are registered for query change notifications.  This was resulting in EMON hanging and other clients not receiving notifications.  To resolve this problem, we set _client_enable_auto_unregister to TRUE. 

I have been unable to find answers to the following questions:

1. What determination is made to identify the "client to unregister" (as implied by the hidden parameter name)?

2. Is it time based (client has not dequeued an event notification for x milliseconds)?

Our experience during testing is that registered events get automatically unregistered after the client has been unresponsive for 15 to 20 minutes. 

3. The _emon_send_timeout is set to 10 seconds.  How is this value used by EMON? 

We use Oracle Standard version on the Windows platform. 

Does anyone have experience with this and can provide more detailed information than can be found in the Bug 9735536 description and related brief documentation that I have already been referred to and have read?

Thank You

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