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Will ESB work with OLite (DB adapter) that comes with SOA suite?

Kevin Li-Oracle
Kevin Li-Oracle Member Posts: 10
edited Aug 21, 2006 7:55AM in SOA Suite Discusssions
I have managed to configure the toplink connection from the JPA/EJB 3.0 and ADF. The only thing that I need to do is changing the default setting to point to the data-source (e.g. jdbc/OracleDS) without the use of URL, (e.g. jdbc:[email protected]:1531:orabpel). I could not find the way to change that in ESB, so I am getting the usual error "No suitable driver".
You might argue that I should run it with OracleXE, or so. But I am trying to run the SOA suite + JDev + Olite (DB) on a laptop with 1GB memory. If I use the OracleXE, it will run very slowwwww.



  • I found the way of configuring the Database Adapter that can connect to the OLite DB.

    1. Go to the directory <SOA_HOME>\j2ee\home\application-deployments\default\DbAdapter. Open the file oc4j-ra.xml.
    2. Copy the following text:
    <connector-factory location="eis/DB/FulfillmentESB" connector-name="Database Adapter">
    <config-property name="xADataSourceName" value="jdbc/fulfillmentDS"/>
    <config-property name="dataSourceName" value=""/>
    <config-property name="platformClassName" value="oracle.toplink.platform.database.Oracle9Platform"/>
    <config-property name="usesNativeSequencing" value="true"/>
    <config-property name="sequencePreallocationSize" value="50"/>
    <config-property name="defaultNChar" value="false"/>
    <config-property name="usesBatchWriting" value="false"/>
    <connection-pooling use="none">
    <security-config use="none">
    3. Save the file
    4. Go to EM, JDBC resource
    5. Create the Connection Pool and Data Source (with the same name that you have provided in the oc4j-ra.xml)
    6. Restart oc4j - home instance (or e.g. opmnctl stopall/startall)

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