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REST/Translate activity converting arabic characters as '???'

Spatil6 Member Posts: 5
edited Sep 5, 2018 2:49AM in SOA & Process Management

Hi All,

I have a 12c BPEL service which gets  XML data from source having some of the data in Arabic. I need to send this data to target API which is JSON based.

I have used REST adapter to integrate with target system. I am constantly getting validation failed exception from  target system on one of the field called PPA which is in Arabic.

So to see how the JSON request is sent from rest adapter ,I created a translate activity on the invoke's input variable of REST adapter.

I see the following


"PPE" : "Egypt",

        "PPA" : "???"


But actual value sent in the xml request of the interface is



Arabic data is getting replace to '???' while invoking rest or translate. Can you all help me find the solution to this issue? I need to preserve the data. With XML arabic words dont get replaced. I am getting this error only during translate/ REST invocation. Please guide asap.





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