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Asset lifecycle and AAR files in Portal

Matteo Formica
Matteo Formica Member Posts: 7
edited Sep 4, 2018 5:40AM in WebCenter Portal


I am working on a project using WCP

I noticed that if I have a portal asset in JDeveloper (e.g. a page template) and I deploy to a portal server using JDeveloper itself it works fine, but if I export the asset to AAR file and then import it using the console, I get the error:

"The asset archive specified is invalid. Specify a valid archive, and try again."

It seems this is a very well know issue:

However, the solution Oracle gives amazes me. Of course it won't be possible to use JDeveloper to deploy in customer environments, this needs to happen via WLST so producing AAR files is necessary.

Does anyone know a solution or workaround for this?

I noticed if I do the following:

- deploy the asset to Portal via JDeveloper

- download the asset from console

- open the asset: the folder structure inside the AAR is different than the one JDeveloper produces

- import the asset back to console: it works fine.

So a (horrible) possibility would be to :

- create the asset in console first

- download the asset as AAR file

- import the AAR in Jdeveloper as use it from this moment on to make changes

BUT: I noticed that's not possible anymore to import assets into JDeveloper!

So at this point my question is: what is the asset development lifecycle supposed to be now?

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